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About Us

The iCUBE e-shop is the first and official store owned and operated by the Technical University in Košice.

We try to bring you original university clothing, elegant accessories and gifts for every occasion.

We also offer calendars, postcards and publications related to Košice.



Why should you choose our e-shop?


Our university is known for insisting on the satisfaction of its students and staff, so we bring you several design collections that will satisfy those who like

minimalism, but also those who prefer bright colors.

Lovers of comfort will also find there something for them as well as those who prefer elegance.



More than 15 years with you


The Technical University in Košice was founded in 1952 and is currently one of the best universities in Slovakia, offering its students study at nine faculties

of technical as well as art.


This university professes many important values that are based on humanity and trust.

Proof of her empathy and the professed value of „People have to come first.” is iCUBE, the Student and Information Center of TUKE which was

established in 2005 to help students and facilitate their path to education.


Since then, we have been constantly trying to improve and enhance our services. You can also follow our activities on our social networks.

If you want to meet us in person, you can visit us at iCUBE :-)