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The book Košice in the palm of your hand 2017


Pictorial-textual publication, presenting the history and contemporary life of the city, containing texts in Slovak, English, German and Hungarian. This book will help not only foreigners get to know the monuments and the surroundings of Košice.

The book Košice metropolis of ES 2013


Representative pictorial-textual publication in Slovak, English and German, capturing the beauty and life of Košice - a dynamic metropolis of eastern Slovakia. It contains an introductory text about history and more than 570 color images with descriptions.

The book Košice region


For lovers of the Košice region is this English-Slovak book perfect. It will take you through the whole region by using 3D illustrations, a classic and painted folding map of the region. You will find a description of the most interesting monuments, events and recommended attractions here.

The book Details in Košice II


A pictorial-textual city guide with 38 short stories in Slovak and English about monuments of Košice, the historical center and the surroundings outside the center. More than 120 color shots and orientational map of 41 mini-objects in words and images, that are often not even noticed by a native of Košice.

The book Myths and legends of Košice


The book Myths and legends of Košice is perfect for lovers of historical stories. It describes the historic city through eighteen short stories of thirteen authors. The publication is complemented with artistic photographs.

The book Košice region 2016


Pictorial-textual publication containing more than 650 color pictures, presenting historical monuments, modern construction but also nature and life in eight districts of the Košice region. The texts are in Slovak, English, German and Hungarian.