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Coloring book for children and adults Košice


Get to know the monuments of Košice in a playful way. The coloring book contains 12 sheets. The first sheet is a list of color images and the last is a solid cardboard. 10 black and white sheets are for your creativity. The artistically rendered monuments are the State theatre Košice, Cafe Slávia, Urban´s tower, St. Michal´s chapel, Dome of St. Elizabeth, Mikluš prison and Calvinist church, Old Town Hall, Church of the Holy Trinity, Dominican church and Jakab's palace. Thanks to the solid drawing, it is possible to use pencils, markers or paints for painting.

Coloring book TUKE


Discover the beauty of the architecture and the interesting history of the buildings of our Technical University through creative coloring books. Coloring book for children and adults contains 9 sheets with unique drawings.